5 Scrapbooking Project Ideas For Beginners in 2021


As a beginner Scrapbooker, the various albums you can create can be overwhelming. That’s because scrapbooking isn’t just for your favourite memories. Scrapbooking can be used for poems, children’s drawings, memoirs like dried wedding flowers and even small gifts that make for great conversation.

The fun thing about scrapbooking is that every album is unique. Which is why as a beginner, it can be hard to know where to start. Luckily, we have put together five simple Scrapbook project ideas for beginners. These ideas are easy to create even with no experience.

PLUS – these scrapbooks will completely wow your friends and family.

Let’s get started:


Traditional Photo Album

The traditional scrapbook is your multi-picture styled photo album. These traditional albums are the perfect balance of creativity and photography. You are able to place dozens of memories inside a traditional album while still experimenting with embellishments that bring a book to life.


Snapshot Album


The purpose behind a snapshot album is to draw attention to one image on each page. Each image is surrounded by embellishments that draw attention to the memory. While most albums showcase many images per page, the snapshot album is a highlight reel for the viewer.

This album is commonly used for milestones and events; we can use weddings as an example. You could also use a snapshot album to showcase items (baby clothes, baby shoes, and wedding memoirs).

A snapshot album is great for beginners, as you’re only placing one picture per page. This album is perfect for experimenting with new embellishments and styles that might not suit a traditional scrapbook. These Photo Album Supplies easily available.


Pocket Scrapbooking Project

A pocket project is a simple scrapbook that separates photos into small square photo pockets. Pocket pictures, as they are called, are great for transitions. You can place a baby photo next to a childhood photo and then a transition into adulthood.

A pocket style album is a particularly good choice for a beginner as they are quick to create, affordable and leave behind very little mess.


The Top 7 Supplies Every Beginner Scrapbooker Needs


Imagination Rich Journaling

Imagination Journals are free-form albums that are all about capturing creativity in the moment. Fill an imagination journal with doodles, magazine cut outs, illustrations and even artistic snapshots. The fun is in letting your creativity flow in the moment.

Unlike a traditional scrapbook, anything goes with an imagination journal – the more creative you are the better.


Smash Book



Have you ever found a souvenir, gift or event handout hidden away in your jacket pocket? A Smash Book is a fun way to put trinkets and oddities to good use.

Smash Books are a collection of pages, objects and oddities that you’d like to showcase in style. You don’t have to just use ‘gifts’, you could use brochure snippets, vacation receipts and even the small umbrella that the bartender places in your cocktail.

A Smash Book is all about smashing different ideas together without needing different scrapbooks.


Regardless of your choice of Scrapbook Kit, the key is in picking the book that matches the ‘thing’ you wants to showcase most.

These simple scrapbooking project ideas are perfect for any beginner to pick up and get started with. Plus, the more you experiment, the better you will be at creating scrapbooks that you adore.

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